1. Square Fish:

A imprint of US Macmillan focused on mass market children’s and teen audiences in mind. I found it by searching another fantasy novel that I feel matches my style well. This is the children’s lit branch of Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, which published authors like Flannery O’Connor and Jack Kerouac.

2. DAW

A sub-division of Penguin, it focuses mostly on fantasy and sci-fy novels. You don’t need an agent, and they only take books (and prefer word counts above 80k).

3. Hot Key Books

It appears they don’t require a payment to read a manuscript, and they are open to unsolicited submissions. They are an imprint of Bonnier Publishing. It is based in the UK and focuses on publishing for kids and teens between ages 8-18. Genre does not matter.

4. Persea Books

This publisher is interested in more “literary” styles of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. They also do have an interest in YA, so long as it’s not genre and it fits the literary perspective! They ask for a sample chapter sent in and say they are “looking for the fresh voice, a clear point of view, the well-written work that will endure. ”

5. Triangle Square

An imprint of Seven Seasons publishing focused on activism and voices for the “new generation.” They accept unsolicited submissions so long as you only send 2-chapter samples.



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